Nancy's Vision

I believe that NAR exists FOR THE MEMBERS.

If elected as NAR Treasurer, I will focus on…

Continued Transparency about NAR’s Financial Position.
NAR’s recent focus on open communication about how, where and why our members’ funds are spent is crucial to sustaining a healthy, member-driven organization. Members should have clarity about NAR’s plans for use of our assets. I believe a healthy exchange of information and ideas serves to inform our strategic thinking and purposeful planning, and if elected to serve as Treasurer, I pledge to continue to keep you informed and engaged.

Wise Investment of NAR Resources.
NAR’s approximately 450,000 sq ft real estate portfolio, its operating and investment budgets and Second Century Ventures combine to construct an Association that is a $500 Million plus business. If you add the talents and skills of its 1.3 million member

s, NAR’s resources are vast. Managing those resources wisely and well for the benefit of our members and the real estate industry is a complex and challenging task, and with my NAR experience and expertise, I am equipped to serve in that vital role on NAR’s Leadership Team.

Thoughtful and Effective Budgeting that puts the needs of Members first.
NAR’s assets are best utilized when they produce member benefits that matter – resources to help you serve your clients more knowledgeably and effectively and tools that enhance your business success. Our rapidly changing industry demands that we are prepared to create and direct the change that will allow us to thrive in the future. If elected as Treasurer, my goal is to ensure that every NAR member sees both tangible and intangible benefits from their investment both now and in the decades to come.

Asking the Tough Questions to ensure NAR’s Initiatives are effectively reaching our goals.
In my 40+ years of work in the real estate industry, as both an employee of a corporation and then owner of a real estate brokerage, I have daily honed my analytical abilities and developed an inquisitive approach to examination of a prospectus or a financial statement. I’ve never been afraid to ask hard questions of the experts, and many times my insistence on getting the correct answers has been key to yielding the highest possible ROI. I will continue to apply those important skills if elected as NAR Treasurer.

Remember 5-5-8 – 5 years of service on NAR’s Finance Committee (Vice Chair in 2018), 5 years on the Reserves Investment Advisory Board (Vice Chair in 2013), and 8 years on the Real Property Operations Committee (Chair in 2010). Those many years of service and leadership have given me the essential NAR Experience and NAR Expertise to serve as your 2021-2022 NAR Treasurer. I will utilize my talents and abilities FOR THE MEMBERS and I humbly ask for your support and for your VOTE!