Endorsements from Across the Country

“The North Carolina Directors were impressed with Nancy’s financial acumen as well as her years of service on NAR’s Finance Committee. Her openness and dedication to transparency regarding the financial operations of the organization were also recognized and appreciated by the Directors.”

“During the interview process, Nancy demonstrated proficiency, good stewardship, institutional knowledge and a passion to serve our membership. Her expertise put us at ease and helped guide our decision.”



Bill Armstrong, MD ♦ Doug Azarian, MA ♦ Colleen Badagliacco, CA ♦ Chris Bishop, NV

Ryan Brashear, GA ♦ Diana Bull, CA ♦ Meg Casper, OH ♦ Martin Edwards, TN

Mike Ford, AR ♦ Jim Helsel, PA ♦ Pat Kaplan, OR ♦ David Peretti, MA

Cynthia Shelton, FL ♦ Milton Shockley, SC ♦ Dan Sight, KS ♦ Jerry Teeson, MN

Rebecca Thomson, IL ♦ Jack Torza, VA ♦ Adam Watkins, MS

“The Colorado Association of REALTORS® is proud to endorse Nancy Lane for 2021-2022 National Association of REALTORS® Treasurer. Our NAR Directors feel Nancy Lane’s vast financial background and experience with NAR will make her a tremendous leader as Treasurer of NAR.”

“We believe that Ms. Lane’s extensive experience as a member of the NAR Finance Committee, Chair of the Real Property Operations Committee, and Vice Chair for the Reserves Investment Advisory Board, gives her an understanding of the complexities of NAR’s many investments and makes her an ideal choice for this demanding position.”

“We are confident in her ability to lead the Association and look forward to working with Nancy as she moves forward.”

“The job of NAR Treasurer is complex, and in this period of rapid change in our industry, we need a leader with the experience and expertise to protect and grow NAR’s assets. We are confident that Nancy Lane will rise to the challenge and constantly look for new opportunities to better serve our members.”

“We are confident in Nancy Lane’s leadership abilities and strong financial expertise to safeguard NAR’s financial assets. We know she will help ensure that NAR has a strong financial position and stable funding to act quickly on opportunities, threats, and new initiatives for our members.”

“We are confident that Nancy Lane will rise to the challenge and constantly look for new opportunities to better serve our members.”

“First and foremost, the Great Lakes Caucus thanks you for your commitment and desire to serve as the Treasurer of the National Association of REALTORS®.
As the host state of the Great Lakes Caucus, consisting of the States of Region 6 (Ohio and Michigan), Region 7 (Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin) and the State of Minnesota we are pleased to inform you that the Great Lakes Caucus unanimously endorses your candidacy as 2021-2022 Treasurer.”

“The National Association of REALTORS® needs a Leader that has earned the trust of its Members. Nancy has earned that trust by demonstrating integrity, competence, passion, commitment, and consistency in everything that you have sought to achieve. Her service and financial leadership on behalf of the members sets Nancy apart and gives her the skillset necessary to serve and lead as the 2021-2022 NAR Treasurer.”

“It is quite clear that Nancy has the experience and expertise as well as the vision to protect and grow NAR’s assets in this period of rapid change in our industry.”

“The Virgin Islands Territorial Association of REALTORS® is proud to give its highest and strongest possible endorsement to REALTOR® Nancy Lane’s candidacy for 2021-22 NAR Treasurer. We are confident Nancy has the experience, expertise, vision and drive to guide and lead our organization through this new and challenging era in our industry.”

“The Mississippi REALTORS® proudly endorse Nancy Lane, CCIM, for 2021-2022 NAR Treasurer. We value Nancy’s enormous talent and ability, and know that she has the drive to lead, and lead well. NAR will benefit from her knowledge, her wise counsel and her selfless leadership.”

“I’m looking forward to casting my vote in May for Nancy Lane for the position of 2021-2022 NAR Treasurer and you should too. I am proud to know Nancy and call her friend. A friend that is ready to represent all members and help protect the finances of the National Association of REALTORS®. Nancy’s resume is amazing and truly shows her broad and deep knowledge of finances. Please take a moment to read her credentials. On a personal note, I want to share with you that Nancy has a big caring heart, very approachable and a person that leads by example. Your vote counts so vote for Nancy Lane.”

“I’m proud to support Nancy for NAR Treasurer 2021-2022. Her 5 years on Finance, 5 years on Investment Reserve and more than 8 years on Real Property Operations have given Nancy a comprehensive knowledge of NAR’s finances and NAR’s members will benefit from her experience!”

“I have known Nancy for a long time and can’t think of anyone better or more qualified for the job than Nancy. I support her without reservation.”

“I am proud to cast my vote for Nancy Lane. I’ve known Nancy for many years through common business activities and NAR service.  I’ve been awed by her many years of service with NAR’s Finance, Investment Reserve and Real Property Operations groups.  These give her a thorough understanding of NAR’s financial picture and she will use her knowledge and expertise for the benefit of our members.”

“I am proud to endorse Nancy Lane.  NAR’s membership will benefit from Nancy’s spirit, dedication, knowledge and results-oriented track record. Her multiple years serving on NAR’s Finance Committee, RPOC and the Investment Reserve Board have prepared her well!”

“It is my pleasure to endorse Nancy Lane for NAR Treasurer. Through her many years of service in leadership positions at the national and state levels she has shown true professionalism, integrity, and dedication to the REALTOR® associations. Having known Nancy for many years, I can think of no one better prepared or suited to take on the responsibilities of this position.”

“Nancy Lane has shown over the years that she comes to the meetings well prepared with great insights and an impressive range of expertise. It is no surprise that she often served in a leadership position on Finance, Reserves Investment and RPOC. On top of all this, Nancy is a kind, family-oriented person who will represent NAR quite well. Join me in voting for Nancy Lane as our next NAR Treasurer.”

“Serious times call for serious leadership! Nancy’s commitment as a volunteer in our industry coupled with her extensive experience on finance, real property operations, and investment advisory committee show that she is the treasurer I will bank on! Nancy Lane is the real deal and she has my vote!”

“I had the pleasure of spending time with Nancy during her visit to New Mexico and I’m impressed by her in-depth knowledge and understanding of NAR’s finances and her years and years of service on all three of the major finance committees. I am convinced Nancy will make an outstanding Treasurer for NAR.”

“I am voting for Nancy Lane. Her 5 years on the Finance Committee, 5 years on the Reserves Investment Advisory Committee and 8 plus years on the Real Property Operations Committee give Nancy a unique experience base to advance the needs of the members. Nancy is the right candidate at the right time for our organization.”

“I am proud to cast my vote for Nancy Lane. Her many years of service with NAR’s Finance, Investment Reserve and Real Property Operations groups give her a thorough understanding of NAR’s financial picture and she will use her knowledge and expertise for the benefit of our members. Having worked with Nancy on Finance and Investment Reserve, I know how diligent and effective she is. Nancy will be an incredible Treasurer for NAR.”

“Without question, Nancy Lane has the well documented NAR experience, the institutional knowledge, the time tested proven leadership skills and most importantly, the true individual character & integrity required, in my opinion, to serve as our NAR Treasurer.”